Pulcra Chemicals
Pulcra ChemicalsPulcra Chemicals - formerly a subsidiary of Cognis - is a worldwide operating company and supplier of innovative specialty chemicals with profound process and engineering know-how. Based on more than 125 years being a partner to the fiber, textile, and leather industries, Pulcra Chemicals takes care of both the regulatory requirements in their most important target markets, and also the prevailing trends relating to health and safety, ecological sustainability, and wear comfort.

Pulcra Chemicals provides high-performance products and system solutions for increasing the productivity and environmental compatibility of complex manufacturing processes in the fiber, textile and leather industries. They also develop and market specific finishing treatments for functional textiles.

Within the fiber and textile segments, Pulcra Chemicals offers products and technical support covering all stages of the textile production chain. Their portfolio ranges from process auxiliaries for the manufacturing of man-made fibers, across secondary spinning, weaving, pretreatment, dyeing and printing, to finishes defining the final quality of fabrics and garments.

They supply the leather sector with a complete range of specialties designed to ensure that the material can be processed, dyed, and efficiently upgraded to the highest quality standards applicable to leather goods. In all cases, they are able to deliver technologically proven solutions aligned to the specific requirements of our various customers.

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