BurgundyBurgundy is a high-tech company specialized in botanical extract business. It was established by Arkopharma group, who is the top nutraceutical product manufacturer in Europe and listed company in French Stock Exchange, and Bourgogne Alcools one of the major French distillery.

In 1998 Bourgogne Alcools who wanted to diversify by bringing value to one of its product (Grape Seed), met Arkopharma around a common project for developing a new and innovative process of Botanical Extracts production.

After one year of intensive R&D work, including Lab research, pilot trials and engineering design of apparatuses, they created a common joint venture: Burgundy Botanical Extracts as an independent company.

They decided together to built a completely new factory which starts its production activity beginning October 2000.

In 2007, Burgundy acquired the Botanical Extracts business of Cognis, Division Nutrition and Health, and its range of botanical derivatives sold by the care chemicals division to the cosmetic industry

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